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I am Once (anagram for Coen), an autodidact 3D artist, with roots in Industrial Design. (TU Delft, graduated in 2004)

I just hate to make the same piece twice, hence my artist name Once holds a beautifull connatation for my unique works. Although my beloved 3D printer and lasercutter provide the means to reproduce my items quite easily, I choose to not follow this path. So, whenever you decide to buy a 'Once', you know you will have a unique piece.
(I do make progressions of pieces in my collection. For instance, I would love to make a bigger version of God's Shenanigan in due time)

Moreover, 'Once' is a word that sounds a unique opportunity, ('Once in a lifetime'), a fairytale ('Once upon a time'), a promiss (once you master this...) or... just a cheesy sitcom....(I shall say this only Once) Anyhow, it just rings in my ear ... That's why I love this name.
(I can go on to say that there is a 'once' in every concept, but that may sound some farfetched... ;) Although, I couldn't have conceived it any better than my parents did when they gave me this name...)

Currently, I am preoccupied by launching my latest collection artworks under the name 'Never Mind Reality'. The collection shows a variety of works that mainly depict psychological suffering, in a metaphorical way. 
If you're interested in hosting a 'Never Mind Reality' Show, including lectures about Trauma & Recovery, do not hesitate to contact me!

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